About FFTL

F FTL is the governing body of football in Timor-Leste. It was founded in 2002, associate member of the Asian Football Confederation since 2002, affiliated to the ASEAN Football Federation in 2004, and to Fédération Internationale de Football Association – FIFA since 2005. It has 21 associate members which consists of 14 football associations and 7 professional associations.

FFTL has a mission to manage and develop football in the country. It also has the vision to make Timor-Leste an island of football, and with the spirit of football will concretize togetherness and peace on this land.

Core Purpose

Develop, Inspire, and Promote Football to be the Sport of All Communities.


What to be achieved by 2024

To be one of the best in its region, with the best teams that will be competing at the highest level of the football tournament.


Reliable process to make development and improvement of the association to be a success;
Development of football through strengthening the youth and national teams and advancing the facilities and infrastructure.


  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Inclusivity
  • Responsibility
  • Passion


Francisco Kalbuadi Lay

(2002-2007) (2008-2018)

Francisco MCP Jeronimo